Championing CPD: encouraging excellence in physiotherapy

The Championing CPD project encourages excellence by creating learning champions and developing CPD resources.


The Championing CPD project encourages excellence by creating member learning champions and developing new resources. The project has been running for over five years now and is supported by the Union Learning Fund.

What's happening now?

The project's current phase – funded by the CSP Charitable Trust – builds on achievements to date:

  • to sustain and develop the existing network of Learning Champions and
  • extend its reach into Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The project continues to promote, develop and evaluate the society's CPD resources, enabling members to respond to current healthcare opportunities.

Become a learning champion

Learning champions help their colleagues to learn and develop through a range of activities including:

  • raising awareness and alerting others to learning opportunities and resources
  • encouraging and facilitating colleagues to think critically about their current CPD habits and practices
  • collaborating with peers, managers and decision-makers to change workplace learning environments, policies and procedures.

Any CSP member can join the network and become a learning champion: we already have managers, students, academics, researchers and NHS and private sector clinicians in the network.

By joining the network you get access to peer support and advance notice of new CSP resources and guidance. You will also be better able to show how learning helps benefit professional practice, service delivery, service users and organisations.

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