Inspire: respiratory guidelines

Inspire is a collection of NICE-accredited guidelines for physiotherapy staff working with patients with cardiorespiratory conditions.

Inspire is a project bringing together guidelines for all physiotherapy staff who work with patients with a cardiorespiratory condition. 

Inspire aims to make the links between different guidelines so you don’t have to. Using Inspire could prompt a change in practice, leading to better patient care.

The information is designed to increase staff awareness of guidelines relevant to patients with cardiorespiratory disease including asthma and COPD.

Other relevant guidelines, such as depression and obesity, are also included in the resource.

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Feedback on Inspire

We're keen to hear feedback on any aspect of the Inspire guidelines.

This document helps you to record and evaluate your learning, as well as providing the opportunity for you to feedback on the resource itself.

Inspire feedback and evaluation form

The background to Inspire

Inspire aims to increase awareness about guidelines on treating cardiorespiratory disease and associated conditions.

Using Inspire could prompt a change in practice, leading to better patient care, which is the ultimate aim of all guidelines.

The project is described in a CSP news story for members, entitled CSP launches one-stop shop for cardiorespiratory physios.

The project has resulted in feedback and testimonials including the following:

  • 'It was refreshing to see information and resources presented in such and innovative way which was remarkably easy to navigate.'
  • 'What a fantastic resource this is.'
  • 'It will be very useful for using with junior members of staff and students as it sets out management plans very clearly.'

Other relevant information

The CSP and its professional networks have a variety of information related to NICE guidelines and respiratory care.

You may wish to explore CSP's Championing CPD resources or read the evidence-based practice position statement.

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