Professional Advisor (Half time 0.5 WTE)

Salary Unspecified
Payment type Unspecified
Region Overseas
Contract type Contract unspecified
Closing date
Type of employer Private provider
Name of employer Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

Other benefits

Vacancy details


The Salary scale for the post is: (as at 01/03/2023)

75,420 76,097 79,073 82,061 85,027 88,005 90,965, pro rata

Travelling Expenses Travelling expenses will be reimbursed at ISCP approved rates for any travel necessarily performed in the discharge of official duties.

Proposed Interview Date (s)

Proposed interview dates will be in late November in a location in the Irish Midlands.

Please note you may be called forward for interview at short notice.

Taking up Appointment

A start date will be indicated at job offer stage.

Location of Post

Dublin. Other locations/arrangements including hybrid working may be considered with the successful applicant.

Informal Enquiries

Ms Marie ÓMír CEO ISCP

Tel.: 087 2066497 E mail:


Details of Service

The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) seeks to employ a Professional Advisor on a half-time basis, initially on a three-year contract. The post holder will provide professional advice and guidance within the various functions of the Organisation.

Reporting Relationship

The post-holder will report to the CEO.

The post-holder will also work within the direction and guidance of the Board through the CEO, liaising directly and as appropriate with the relevant Board Officers in relation to specific functions of the role.

Key Working Relationships

The Professional Advisor will work collaboratively with the following:

  • CEO
  • President
  • Board
  • World Physiotherapy Committee (s)
  • CORU
  • Department of Health
  • HSE
  • HSCP Office
  • Health Insurers
  • Clinical Interest and Employment Groups
  • Society’s legal advisors

This list is not exhaustive, and it is envisaged that the post holder will forge appropriate relationships befitting the role.

Purpose of the Post

  • To be a resource of professional knowledge within the Office by assisting the CEO and other staff in dealing effectively with queries from the public.
  • To be a resource in promoting the profession through informing others in relation to the practice of physiotherapy and the delivery of physiotherapy services in Ireland.
  • To assist members and provide professional guidance in Fitness to Practice queries/ hearings
  • To maintain defined links to each of the internal groups and to facilitate consultation and information sessions with members and the quarterly Clinical and Employment Groups’ Forum
  • To be a resource to the Board on constitutional issues
  • To support the CEO in preparing and coordinating responses and submissions to relevant external organisations.
  • To be a resource to the President in professional, including ethical matters
  • To identify, develop and review policies, procedures and guidelines in relation to professional practice and ensure the Inventory of Documents remains up to date
  • To be a resource to committees and staff in proofing documents thereby ensuring consistency of standards and organisational ethos are maintained.
  • To ensure that World Physiotherapy and European Region decisions and approved documents are promoted widely to the membership after each General Meeting
  • To assist the CEO and Communications Manager in preparing and responding to media issues on behalf of the Society and profession.
  • To assist in promoting chartered physiotherapists at relevant events/conferences.
  • To liaise with key external stakeholders in professional practice related matters including the Organisation’s Insurers, HSE, CORU etc. and to represent the Organisation at party political conferences, with, or on behalf of the CEO.
  • To identify and analyse developments that may impact on the practice and service delivery of physiotherapy

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

1. Professional Practice Unit

To lead and manage the Professional Practice Unit (PPU) and to lead on professional practice matters on behalf of the organisation.

To manage the staff within the Professional Practice Unit including the overseeing and allocation of work to the Professional Practice Co-ordinator, Membership Engagement Officer and Office Receptionist.

2. Membership support services

To provide advice and a confidential non-judgemental support service to members on professional practice matters To guide and support members who are the subject of CORU Fitness to Practise processes and work in conjunction with the Fitness to Practise legal team To advise members, (CORU applicants and registrants) on CORU related registration, recognition, renewal, fitness to Practise, Return to Practise, Periods of Adaptation and Appeals To promote membership, as well as membership involvement and engagement To organise, with entry level students from each of the universities providing physiotherapy programmes, the annual meeting in relation to professional practice, student membership and engagement in the profession

3. Volunteer and Staff support services

To advise the President, the Board, the CEO, Standing Committees and internal groups, members and staff on constitutional, corporate governance and Company Law obligations and procedural matters.

To support the President and the CEO in meeting constitutional obligations including the running of General Meetings

To support the International Affairs Standing Committee and to advise all Standing Committees on procedural matters as identified or required.

To assist with induction of new Board members in relation to corporate governance, roles, and duties

To advise Professional Development, Communications and Finance committees on governance, procedural and professional practice matters where they pertain.

To induct new staff where applicable on the role of the Professional Practice Unit

Other Duties

The above Job Specification is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him / her and to contribute to the development of the post while in office.

Eligibility Criteria Qualifications and/ or experience

1. Statutory Registration, Professional Qualifications, Experience, etc.

a) Candidates for appointment must:

(i) Have a recognised professional qualification in Physiotherapy


(ii) Have five years’ full time (or an aggregate of 5 years’ full time) post qualification relevant professional experience and knowledge of professional aspects of Physiotherapy.


(iii) Have the requisite knowledge, experience and proven management, leadership and professional ability to enable proper discharge of the duties of the office.


(iv) Currently be, or agree to become, a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

(v) Be registered with CORU

2. Health

A candidate for and any person holding the office must be fully competent and capable of undertaking the duties attached to the office and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.

3. Character

Each candidate for and any person holding the office must be of good character.

Post SpecificRequirements

Demonstrate depth and breadth of experience in management, leadership and staff supervision relevant to the role.

Other requirements specific to the post

Access to appropriate transport to fulfil the requirements of the role.

Skills, competencies and/or knowledge

Candidates should:

Communications and Interpersonal Skills

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills (verbal & written), including listening skills and the ability to present complex information.
  • Demonstrate ability to tailor the communication method and the message to the needs of the audience.
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills including the ability to network effectively, collaborate, and foster positive working relationships
  • Demonstrate sensitivity, diplomacy and tact when dealing with others and display patience and tolerance when dealing with conflict situations.
  • Demonstrate strong influencing and negotiation skills.

Planning and Managing Resources

  • Demonstrate the ability to lead on the strategic planning and delivery of services in an efficient, effective and resourceful manner.
  • Promote and encourage work with other professions to ensure an optimum impact from health interventions
  • Demonstrate a high level of initiative and adaptability in response to organisational needs.

Managing and Developing (Self and Others)

  • Show ability to lead on the design and delivery of a high quality, person-centred service, working with and through others to achieve organisational goals.
  • Demonstrate an approachable management style which provides clear direction and fosters collaborative working relationships.
  • Show ability to deal positively and constructively with obstacles / conflict.
  • Foster a learning culture amongst staff and colleagues to drive continuous improvement.

Professional Knowledge & Experience

  • Demonstrate a level of clinical knowledge, clinical reasoning skills and evidence-based practice appropriate to carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the role in line with relevant legislation and standards.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, abilities and technical skills required to provide safe, efficient and effective service in the area(s) of responsibility. Have a sound knowledge of clinical risk management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of legislative requirements relating to the healthcare services and the workplace.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continuous professional development and knowledge sharing.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to engage with and develop IT skills relevant to the role.
  • Commitment to providing a Quality Service
  • Be sufficiently aware of policy, legislative and professional requirements to ensure appropriate standards in their area(s) of responsibility.
  • Be willing to embrace and promote change.
  • Be willing to continuously challenge standards of quality and efficiency and strive to find ways to improve standards

Evaluating Information and Judging Situations

  • Make decisions in a transparent manner by involving and empowering others where appropriate.
  • Show ability to evaluate information and makes effective decisions especially with regard to service delivery.
  • Demonstrate effective problem-solving strategies, including the ability to be flexible and innovative, and manage challenging scenarios.
  • Demonstrate objectivity, sensitivity and the ability to to explain the rationale behind decisions confidently when faced with opposing or competing demands.

Campaign Specific Selection Process Ranking/Shortlisting/Interview

A ranking and or shortlisting exercise may be carried out on the basis of information supplied in your application form. The criteria for ranking and or shortlisting are based on the requirements of the post as outlined in the eligibility criteria and skills, competencies and/or knowledge section of this job specification. Therefore, it is very important that you think about and convey your experience in light of those requirements.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

The ISCP is an equal opportunities employer.

Employees of the ISCP bring a range of skills, talents, diverse thinking and experience to the organisation. The ISCP believes passionately that employing a diverse workforce is central to its success – we aim to develop the workforce of the ISCP so that it reflects the diversity of ISCP members and to strengthen it through accommodating and valuing different perspectives.Ultimately this will result in improved service user and employee experience.

The ISCP is committed to creating a positive working environment whereby all employees inclusive of age, civil status, disability, ethnicity and race, family status, gender, membership of the Traveller community, religion and sexual orientation are respected, valued and can reach their full potential. The HSE aims to achieve this through development of an organisational culture where injustice, bias and discrimination are not tolerated.

Code of Practice

The ISCP will run this campaign in compliance with the Code of Practice prepared by the Commission for Public Service Appointments (CPSA).

The Code of Practice sets out how the core principles of probity, merit, equity and fairness might be applied. The Code also specifies the responsibilities placed on candidates, facilities for feedback to applicants on matters relating to their application when requested, and outlines procedures in relation to requests for a review of the recruitment and selection process and review in relation to allegations of a breach of the Code of Practice. Additional information on the HSE’s review process is available in the document posted with each vacancy entitled “Code of Practice, Information for Candidates”. Codes of practice are published by the CPSA and are available on in the document posted with each vacancy entitled “Code of Practice, Information for Candidates” or on


This Job Specification is a guide to the general range of duties assigned to the post holder. It is intended to be neither definitive nor restrictive and is subject to periodic review with the employee concerned.

How to apply

Ms Marie ÓMír CEO ISCP

Tel.: 087 2066497 E mail: