Frequently asked questions on visa extensions and Covid-19

Following lobbying by the CSP, the Home Office has clarified a scheme to automatically grant visa extensions to physios and their family members during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The CSP has asked for further policy changes or clarification to:

  • include physio support workers
  • make it explicit that this covers physios in all sectors
  • extend the timescale covered by the new arrangements.

My visa is due to expire this year. Can I continue working for my NHS employer?

The government has now announced that physiotherapists will be included in the automatic visa extension programme previously announced for doctors, nurses and paramedics.

This means that, for those physiotherapists on a Tier 2 (‘general’) or Tier 5 visa due to expire prior to October 2020, visas will be automatically extended for one year.

Will I have to pay to extend my visa?

Physiotherapists meeting the above eligibility criteria will not be charged for their visa extension, nor the ‘immigration health surcharge’ that Tier 2 visa holders normally have to pay for themselves and their dependents on an annual basis.

NHS workers should be refunded for any unresolved visa applications they currently have open.

What will I have to do to extend my visa?

The government advises that it employers will need to inform UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) if you’re eligible for the extension.

Then, once your employer tells you to, you will need to post your and your family’s current biometric residence permits (BRPs) to UKVI. Your employer might offer to do this for you.

Will my family be covered by the visa extension?

Family members of eligible physiotherapists on a Tier 2 visa will also have their visas extended, with visa charges and health surcharges again removed.

Can the CSP help with my individual immigration case?

The CSP advises members from overseas on HCPC registration, employment and a range of other matters. However, the CSP is not permitted to provide individual immigration advice. We do help members find the information or advice they may need.

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner regulates immigration advisers. Note some advisors will charge for advice.

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