National evaluation of remote physiotherapy services: latest updates

The latest updates about the national evaluation of remote physiotherapy services.

What's coming up

December 2020 update

Data collection is now complete and the findings are being written up. In the meantime, we have produced a snapshot of the preliminary results.

Key findings

The online survey ran from 26 August to 16 September 2020. A total of 1,620 services provided information covering all settings and clinical areas across the UK.

The respondents gave details about the evaluation of their services:

  • 53% evaluate patient outcomes.
  • 50% evaluate patient experience.
  • About 20% evaluate staff experience, time to deliver the service and those unable to access services.
  • 12% evaluate cost.
  • 10% of services report patient-related incidents while delivering their remote service.

Next stages

  • A full analysis of the survey will be conducted.
  • Participating services will be contacted to develop case studies.
  • Ongoing rapid evidence review. 

More information

A spotlight session was delivered at the Virtual Physiotherapy UK conference to report on the survey and the rapid review. Members’ experiences of remote consultations were collected during the session to further inform our findings. Read more about the project in Frontline. And members can take a look at the presentation by clicking on the link below.

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