Track and trace - CSP position statement

The CSP supports the expansion of tracking, tracing, and testing the contacts of those found to be Covid positive, as this is critical to stopping onward community transmission


We want to see regular testing of all health and care staff, whether symptomatic or not, who treat patients with Covid or who are in higher-risk categories.

Members of the public suspected of having Covid, and all those in high-risk environments such as care homes, should also be tested.

Apps alone are not sufficient

Public health agencies need to have a comprehensive approach to tracking the contacts of people who have Covid-19.

Apps can play a role in this, but up to 25% of smart phone users may not be able to run the NHSX app, not everyone has a smart phone and some people will not want to use the app because of privacy concerns.

The track and trace strategy therefore needs to include other tactics to ensure comprehensive coverage.

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