Resources to support discharge of patients at risk from inactivity

Resources to support those discharging patients during the Covid-19 pandemic, to help motivate and support patients to keep active following hospital discharge.

An easy exercise that can be done at home

The Covid-19 pandemic has reduced health and care service capacity to respond to and prevent falls and fall-related injuries. At the same time increased inactivity amongst self-distancing and self-isolating older people is likely to result in an increased risk of falls and fall-related injuries. The National Falls Prevention Coordination Group (31 organisations involved in falls prevention, care for fall-related injuries and promotion of healthy ageing) has identified resources to address COVID-19 related falls and fracture issues including:

Hospital discharge script

To share with staff and volunteers involved in the hospital discharge of patients with mobility issues not requiring rehabilitation services

Welsh version

Keeping active after hospital discharge

A leaflet for use with patients who are discharged home with no community rehabilitation.  It explains why muscle wasting occurs with prolonged bedrest or inactivity and why it is important to be active when discharged home from hospital. 

Welsh version

It includes links to resources on:

  • Movement and activity
  • Managing breathlessness and anxiety
  • Hydration and nutrition

The leaflets can be downloaded and then printed or emailed. It may be useful to also provide information about local resources and/or contact details alongside this leaflet.

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