Maintaining safe services

Find out what to consider when deciding whether to see patients remotely or in person.

Message from CSP and Physio First to private practitioners

This past year has been particularly challenging for all who work in health and care services.

We anticipate that most services are now successfully managing to offer patients the treatments they need, whether in person or remotely.

We envisage that, for some patients, remote consultations will remain a popular choice but accept that, for many, treatments in person are most beneficial.

We urge you to continue to do all that you can to minimise risk to yourself, colleagues and patients. Therefore, do keep using virtual triage to carry out your Covid-19 screening and risk assessment as part of infection prevention control measures.

Your risk assessments will vary depending on your local context and the vulnerability of your patient cohort, as well as the national picture. However, you should feel more comfortable to book to see patients face-to-face if that is a patient's agreed preference.

CSP and Physio First, 7 April 2021

Guidance and advice on implementation

As countries and regions fluctuate between different levels and tiers of lockdown, healthcare largely remains unchanged.

Nowhere though do these changes signal a return to ‘business as usual’.

Our advice will help you to offer safe treatment in person when virtual means are not effective or appropriate.

Seven key factors for deciding in person or remote
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