Physiotherapy After Covid-19 Evaluation (PACE)

The CSP's survey of Covid-19 patients' rehabilitation needs is now closed. Explore the results of PACE in our interactive dashboard.

Where can I see the results?

The interactive PACE dashboard is now live. Watch a guide about how to interact with the data in the video below.

What was the survey about?

The Physiotherapy After Covid Evaluation (PACE) ran between 13 July and 7 August. The context was that Covid-19 patients were being moved out of hospital and their care transferred to already stretched community rehabilitation teams. In addition, many people with Covid-19 were not admitted to hospital but were now requiring physiotherapy support through community services.

The survey was intended to clarify the needs of this largely unknown patient population and the additional demands placed on community teams, in order to review and repurpose service delivery models accordingly.

Because of Covid-19, the spotlight is on rehabilitation, and we wanted to use this opportunity to understand more about physiotherapy provision outside acute hospital settings.

Find out more about how the PACE survey was conducted.

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