Physiotherapy After Covid-19 evaluation (PACE)

The PACE survey is now closed

Natalie Beswetherick, CSP's Director of Practice and Development talks about the project

As Covid patients move out of hospital their care is transferred to the already stretched community rehabilitation teams. In addition many people with Covid did not require admission to hospital but may now be being picked up by community services for physiotherapy support. We also know that many people with Covid never required admission to hospital. They are a group that may also now be being picked up by community services for physiotherapy support. The CSP want to understand more about this additional demand on these teams. 

To do this we must better understand the needs of this largely unknown patient population and review and re-purpose their service delivery models accordingly. Without this data, there is a risk that services are not designed to offer the services that are needed by the patients with Covid, in addition to those with usual rehabilitation needs.

The aim of PACE is to better understand the extent and current provision of rehabilitation for patients after recovering from the acute phase of Covid-19. The spotlight is on rehabilitation due to Covid and we want to use this short window of opportunity to understand more about physiotherapy provision outside acute hospitals.

What patients are included?

  • All adult patients with a Covid-19 diagnosis being rehabilitated outside of a acute inpatient hospital setting anywhere in the UK.
  • Each patient should only be included once.

Who completes the survey?

  • Any CSP member can complete the survey - physiotherapists, associate members and students
  • If a patient is seen by multiple members of staff then there should be a local agreement of who fills in the survey for that patient.
  • The survey shouldn't take any more than 5 minutes to complete 

Where can I see the results?

The interactive PACE dashboard will be hosted from here as quickly as possible once data collection is complete.

Further information

  • Only Covid-19 patients will be included in the initial project although more rehabilitation patients could be included in further phases of the project.
  • Data collection cannot be mandated.
  • There will be NO patient, member or organisation-identifiable information collected nor shared.
  • The data gathered will be stored and presented by the CSP in accordance with GDPR
  • The platforms will not link to existing electronic patient records not will it accept data submissions from these systems.
  • There will be no new device provision for CSP members to collect this data and expectation will be for them to use their own existing devices (professional and/or personal).

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