Aquatic physiotherapy during the pandemic

A brief overview of what services you can offer and on what basis.

Can I offer aquatic physiotherapy in a hydrotherapy pool?

The CSP and the Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (ATACP) have consulted with the Public Health England National Incident Coordination Unit to provide the following advice:

  • Yes if the pool you use is in a healthcare setting (a hospital, physiotherapy or rehabilitation clinic); if you are providing aquatic therapy for healthcare reasons in a special school setting, or if the facility you use is now open under your government's guidance.

Decisions about the use of hydrotherapy pools in NHS settings should be made by the local NHS service.

More broadly, the decision to use any hydrotherapy pool must be based on local risk assessment about patient suitability, and appropriate procedures regarding water quality and monitoring should be in place.

Additionally, locally determined infection prevention and control measures should be adopted to reduce transmission risks through poolside activity (for example, effective cleaning of hoists, shower chairs rails and so on).

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