Study highlights benefits of frame running for children with limited mobility

A study has found that frame running has the potential to positively affect health and wellbeing of young people with limited mobility. 

Poppy has a rare neuromuscular condition which has caused damage to her spinal cord, leaving her with paralysis and weakness in her upper body and core. She has benefited, both physically and mentally, from taking part in frame running, a sport for young people with limited mobility. Photo: Action Medical Research

Researchers observed a trend towards improved muscle strength after 12 weeks of frame running training and many participants noticed  an improvement in their performance of activities including being able to walk for longer and walking uphill.

Frame running (formerly known as race running) is an adapted sport for children, young people and adults who cannot run and who rely on aids for mobility and balance.  A frame runner is a three wheeled frame where the individual is supported by a saddle and body plate. 

The athlete propels against the frame using their feet, and steers using handlebars like those on a bike.

Action Medical Research and the CSP Charitable Trust jointly funded the study by Marietta van de Linden.

CSP chief executive John Cowman, said: ‘It is so brilliant to see the results for this study which clearly show that frame running has a very positive impact on the health and wellbeing of young people with limited mobility.

Hopefully, this research will pave the way for it to become more widely available for children, young people and adults who rely on aids such as this to take part in sports and to be able to enjoy all that it has to offer.

The results of the study are significant as people with cerebral palsy and conditions such as AFM  may be at increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes due to reduced mobility.  Children with cerebral palsy may have difficulties walking and can find it challenging to take part in physical activities. This can lead to a lack of exercise that often starts early on in childhood and persists throughout their lives. 

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