NHS pension scheme contribution - CSP to respond to consultation

The government has launched a consultation on member contribution rates into the NHS pension scheme.


The main areas being consulted upon are:

  • contribution rates based on actual pensionable pay, rather than whole time equivalent pay
  • a reduction in the number of contribution tiers
  • contribution levels increasing in line with pay awards
  • the phasing of any changes over two years

The CSP will be reviewing what the impact of the proposals mean for our members, and will respond to the consultation which closes on 7 January 2022. The CSP will also respond with other trade unions through the NHS Scheme Advisory Board.

Members can access the proposals and how to respond as individuals should they wish to: NHS Pension Contribution Consultation.  Where members do so, the CSP requests they forward their consultation response to the CSP to inform ongoing research and policy work.

Jim Fahie, assistant director of CSP Employment Relations and Union Services said:

Whilst we welcome some aspects of these proposals, such as contribution rates being based on actual pensionable pay, there are other aspects that would mean increased contribution rates for some members at a time when the cost of living is increasing.

We are also conscious that the increase in National Insurance contributions will be implemented at the same time as these proposals in 2022

The CSP wants to hear from members when preparing our consultation response.  Please let us know how the pension proposals would affect you.

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