Watch Vlog 2 with Karen Poole, Consultant Therapist in Rehabilitation at ESHT on engaging and managing expectation when transforming services

This latest Vlog in the iCSP Influencers series with CSP Member and Consultant Therapist Karen Poole shares her insights along the community rehabilitation transformation journey focusing on the theme of engaging and managing expectation. 

In this 20 minute interview, Karen covers:

  • The importance of engaging with different audiences involved in your transformation journey
  • How you can anticipate and avoid any pitfalls
  • How to adapt your communication and approach depending on who you are engaging with
  • How you strike the balance of still being in control of transformation but allowing key people and departments to be bought in and feed-in to the process
  • How you manage the transition between normal service delivery and engaging in transformation
  • The importance of communication, the drip-feed approach, keeping people engaged, informed and involved
  • how you get your community services collectively to the table and help them to see the vision

Watch part 2 of Karen's iCSP Influencers Vlog series

Watch part 1 of Karen's iCSP Influencers Vlog series

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