Recording of “Tips for Christmas Calm”

We recently invited members from across the UK to join a Zoom meeting, which focused on managing health and wellbeing during these unprecedented times.

The session took place on Thursday 17th December, and was attended by over 80 members.

For those who were unable to attend, the meeting recording of the session is now available here

Passcode: PZ5V6UP$

You can also download the slides from the presentations below.

The panel of speakers comprised:

  • Karen Middleton, Chief Executive, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy


  • Dr Judith Graham, Director for Psychological Professionals, Rotherham Doncaster & South Humber Foundation Trust


  • Carrie Biddle, Head of AHPs, Health Education England South West


A Q&A session followed the speaker presentations, giving members the opportunity to ask the panel a variety of questions.


Becoming a CSP Rep

Have you considered becoming a CSP representative? We are always looking for volunteers to become stewards and safety reps. CSP stewards advise and represent members individually and collectively in the workplace, while Health and Safety Reps look after all aspects of members’ health, safety and wellbeing at work.

Stewards assist with individual and collective grievances, reorganisations, and represent members in difficulty. Health and safety reps get involved with issues relating to the physical working environment, but also member mental health, stress, workload and burn out.


All our Reps are highly trained to help protect and defend member interests at work. They are supported themselves by the trade union directorate of the CSP (ERUS), a dedicated Senior Negotiating Officer and regional networks.


If any of the issues in the presentations worry you, or you think there may be H&S issues going on in your workplace, make sure you identify your CSP steward and H&S Rep at work, or if you don’t have one, contact your CSP Organiser to arrange an information/recruitment session in your workplace:


Please also take the time to fill in our workplace survey. It can be completed at:


Thank you


CSP Yorkshire & Humber team

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