Physio services highlighted in early years healthy development review 

The paediatric physiotherapy profession has contributed to a government review into early years healthy development.

The review will help to inform the government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda and will consider the barriers that impact on the development of very young children, with the aim of reducing inequalities.

The Department of Health & Social Care in England spelt out its plans as: ‘Our vision should collectively ensure that children are given the best start in life in order to achieve positive outcomes, irrespective of their individual circumstance.’

The Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists (APCP) and the CSP, in their response, have called for investment in early years physiotherapy services at a local level increased integration of organisations and a vision that reflects a population health approach to address inequalities.

Summary of CSP recommendations 

  • physiotherapy services play a vital role in early years provision 
  • addressing health inequalities is crucial for successful outcomes
  • involving physiotherapy teams in population health approaches will support the wider early years workforce.

CSP professional adviser Abi Henderson said: ‘Early years development is a crucial period in a child’s life and can have a significant impact on future health.

'Physiotherapy services play an important part in both the early detection of movement difficulties for individual children and wider paediatric health promotion.'

Read the CSP submission

The consultation process closed on 23 October and the report of this first phase with accompanying policy recommendations is expected in January 2021. 


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