CSP launches new app library and Covid-19 app finder

CSP members now have access to a free Covid-19 app finder, which is included within the society’s new app library.


The Covid-19 app finder has been developed by ORCHA, the world’s leading health app evaluation and advisor organisation.  It will allow members to find the best apps to support the health and wellbeing of their patients (or family or friends) during the coronavirus crisis and its associated lockdown.

The Covid-19 related resources are part of the CSP’s new app library, which contains a comprehensive list of several thousand health-related apps – all of which can be searched by condition, intended use, and patient type.

In addition, all of the apps in the library have been objectively reviewed and rated, so members can make the best recommendations for their patients.

And the system provides a full report about the levels of clinical assurance, data privacy and user experience for each app listed.

A vital tool for self-management


Euan McComiskie, CSP health informatics lead, said: ‘We have been working with ORCHA for the last few months to create the CSP’s first ever app library.

‘We had originally planned a launch at the end of April but have brought it forward as we both see apps as a vital tool to support self-management in remote physiotherapy delivery.

‘We chose ORCHA as the market leader in app review looking at clinical assurance, data and security, and user experience.

‘We have purposefully included all apps reviewed by ORCHA so our members can search for the most relevant app to their patient’s situation. Filters can be used to select conditions, cost, target age and other categories.

‘We hope that giving members access to the app library will allow our members to recommend apps with confidence to their patients, and we will be evaluating the use of the CSP app library and will reach out to users in the coming few weeks to begin that process.’

Optional pro-account


Mr McComiskie added that the all CSP members will have basic access to the app library, however they can also upgrade to a pro license if they wish to.

‘This would allow them access to more review information and give the ability to push the apps to their patient’s devices,’ he explained.

The optional pro accounts allow users to manage their preferred or most frequent recommendations, send a link to a recommended app straight to a patient's phone and track whether they download it.

A video, introducing the new CSP app library can be viewed here

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