CSP makes case against planned university funding cuts in England

The CSP has responded to a proposal by the Office for Students to cut funding to universities providing pre-registration clinical training for physiotherapists and other student clinicians by an anticipated six per cent.

CSP hopes the strength of opposition will be enough to get proposals to cut university funding by three per cent halted. Photo: Nathan Clarke

The CSP warns of the potential undermining of the expansion of physiotherapy training given the higher costs associated with educating pre registration courses for healthcare professionals.

The society has told the Office for Students, in its consultation response, that the proposed cuts to the level of funding for physiotherapy education (per head), and other health subjects will slow down and could reverse growth in workforce supply.

CSP argues that the Office for Students presentation of the proposed cuts are misleading and are higher per student than the three per cent their consultation suggests. The Council of Deans have said the true figure per student is likely to be six per cent.

The CSP hopes its views will influence the consultation outcome and is working with other concerned professional bodies and trade unions.

CSP head of policy Rachel Newton said: ‘The government’s manifesto made clear commitments to the expansion of the NHS workforce, including physiotherapists. These commitments would be undermined if cuts in course funding went ahead.

‘This would seem to be a case of the left hand not knowing what the other is doing in government.

‘We were concerned that the cuts proposal had slipped under the radar. So as well as responding directly to the Office for Students, in the short time available we focused on raising the issue with key civil servants in the NHS and coordinating with other unions and professional bodies.

‘Hopefully the strength of opposition will be enough to get the proposals halted and for proper cross departmental discussions to be had about how to grow the NHS workforce, which all are agreed is a priority.'

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