Get involved in HeartUnions week!

The CSP is calling on members to get involved in HeartUnions week by joining efforts to recruit non-unionised support workers undertaking physiotherapy duties and stepping forward to take up a new CSP role in the workplace.

Physiotherapy technical instructor Paula Wheeler

HeartUnions week, taking place on February 11-17, is an initiative involving TUC-affiliated unions across a range of sectors in the UK to promote the value of union membership and get members involved in their union.

You can join the CSP!

Many support workers who undertake physiotherapy duties and who are not currently a member of a union do not know they are eligible for CSP membership.  Nor are they aware of the many benefits.

Paula Wheeler is a band 5 physiotherapy technical instructor who works in neuro/complex rehab wards, treating stoke patients and people recovering from cardiovascular surgery.

She says: 'Before I’d spoken to my colleague and the [CSP] rep, I’d assumed CSP membership was only for registered physiotherapists. For me, the main benefit is being supported and represented by a professional body that understands your role.

Support received

‘The CSP helped us when we recently went through an organisational change, which was really very daunting. The support we received from our local CSP rep really helped and reassured us that all the correct policies and procedures were being followed.

‘Since joining, I’ve learnt that members can apply for charitable grants for academic and accredited courses like NVQs and BTECs. And through the CSP Plus scheme there are other extra benefits like discounts for spa days and health centres.’

CSP members can assist in the recruitment of support workers by starting a conversation with a support worker colleague. You can order recruitment materials from the CSP Enquiries Team or encourage them to join as an associate online.

Volunteers needed

The CSP is also looking for members to take up the role of 'workplace contact'.

CSP organiser Kevin Dale said:  'This is a new CSP role where members can work as a team together with the steward and safety rep, from helping organise meetings and sharing information about CSP workplace activities and campaigns to helping map and recruit members in your workplace.

'We want to build a local CSP team in every workplace. Although the role is voluntary and does not come with paid time off, any member can put themselves forward.'

Stewards and safety reps

Mr Dale added: 'The CSP continues to seek to fill any vacancies for stewards and safety reps, so if this is the case in your workplace, we'd urge members to consider stepping forward for one of these roles.'

Find out about becoming a workplace contact and sign up with your local steward, or email our national organisers.

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