Physio flexes her muscles for European Strongwoman Championships

Physiotherapist Lisa Corrallini has gone from strength to strength this year – now she’s Britain’s third strongest woman and ready to take on the world!

Physiotherapist Lisa Corrallini is Britain’s third strongest woman

After qualifying in the Britain’s Strongest Woman competition, held in July year, she will be competing in the European Championships and has already qualified for the Arnold Sports Festival (of Schwarzenegger fame), which take place in Ohio next March. Meanwhile, she is nervously waiting to hear whether she has qualified for the World Strongwoman Championships this December.

All her upcoming events involve different challenges that could include lifting a car, a 200kg frame, 180kg sword and being the last woman standing with sandbags.

Ms Corrallini was only introduced to the world of strongwoman competitions four years ago after a knee injury meant had to give up her martial arts career.

‘I went to the gym and tried rugby but I didn’t feel I had any goals, I was bored and wanted to find something more challenging, then I saw a girl carrying a weird object and found out she was doing strongwoman competitions,’ she said.

‘I only started competing seriously two years ago’.

She now trains five days a week and her coach is Laurence Shahlaei, the titleholder of Britain’s Strongest Man.

Mentally and physically challenging

Ms Corrallini’s motivation is ‘showing that women can be as strong as men. You can mentally challenge yourself to the limit’, she said.

Lisa Corrallini training in the gym

She is 44 and will be competing at the European Championships with women at least ten years younger. ‘I know I won’t win because of my age, but I’m back in competitive mode,’ she said. 

In her work as a musculoskeletal physio at a private practice in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, she uses her sport to motivate patients. ‘A lot of people admire what I do.When patients are being a bit negative it shows them that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.’

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