#TUC18: CSP joins calls to end the ‘hostile environment’ for immigrants

The CSP joined calls for an end to ‘hostile immigration practices’ for the restoration of full rights for those affected by the Windrush scandal and full compensation for losses suffered.

Physiotherapist Kate Baker addresses the TUC Congress in Manchester on immigration issues. Photo: Jess Hurd

Speaking at TUC Congress in Manchester today, physiotherapist and regional steward Kate Baker spoke of the ‘unacceptable upheaval and distress’ suffered by two CSP members who were forced to change jobs and work location due to the Tier 2 visa scheme.

Ms Baker’s speech was in support of Composite Motion C06 Ending the hostile environment immigration policy and justice for the Windrush generation.

She called for the celebration of Britain’s diversity, said migrant workers have made an ‘enormous contribution to the NHS and other public services’ and applauded the introduction of the Windrush Awards earlier this year to celebrate the role of BME in the NHS, one received by a CSP member.

Ms Baker told delegates that staff shortages meant migrant workers were more essential than ever to the NHS workforce.

The motion, proposed by Unison and seconded by Accord, called on the TUC to campaign for a ‘rights-based and humane immigration policy that ensures the dignity of all workers and that tackles labour market exploitation’ and on all affiliates to ‘organise within our communities and at work to challenge the rise of the far-right and tackle the politics of hate, wherever they arise’.

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