Harrogate frailty physio is to join Yorkshire and Humber leaders programme

Physiotherapist Laura Proctor will take a year’s break from her post at Harrogate district hospital this summer to join Yorkshire and Humber Improvement Academy’s future leaders programme.


Laura Proctor said she hoped the programme will open her horizon to new ways in which physiotherapy can improve healthcare

In August, instead of her role of 18 months caring with frail, older people in a 30-bed ward, Ms Proctor will become a clinical leadership fellow.

She said the programme is usually reserved for registrars who are becoming consultants and that she is the first physiotherapist to join.

Based at the Improvement Academy in Bradford Institute for Health Research, Ms Proctor expects to develop the skills and knowledge to help her become a clinical leader. She will also work towards a post-graduate certificate in leadership.

The programme will involve her in leading projects with regional or national relevance and impact. One option is a project to improve the quality and safety in care homes across Yorkshire and Humber. Another is working alongside a Yorkshire quality and safety research group to develop ways of increasing the involvement of older patients and their families when they move from hospital to home.

‘I hope the future leaders programme will equip me to be an effective and inspirational leader,’ Ms Proctor said.

‘More specifically, I hope to use the knowledge and skills I learn to improve the quality and safety of healthcare for older patients living with severe frailty.

‘And I hope this, in turn, will result in better investment and support of physiotherapists and multidisciplinary team members caring for this patient group.’

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