Neuro physios revamp gym to inspire better rehab

Neuro physios at John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford are hoping that ‘de-clinicalising’ their gym will bolster patient rehab.


A new mural in the therapy gym is part of the rejuvenation brought about by physios Liz Bellido, Emilia Bartram and Natalie Thrale

The revamp came about during an in-service training programme focusing on neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to rebuild or rewire itself. Evidence suggests neuro-rehab activities should be meaningful to patients, explained Liz Bellido, physiotherapy team leader neurosciences.

‘This provided our evidence for transforming the area,’ said Ms Bellido.

Every day objects

‘We felt our gym was uninspiring and demotivating and wanted to replace the classic neurophysio equipment, such as cones and beanbags, with every day familiar objects, sectioned into boxes, such as ‘office’, ‘kitchen’ and ‘toiletries’.

The team also brightened up the space with two ‘feature’ walls and physio Emilia Bartram designed and drew a mural, ‘which helps patients maintain attention during sitting and balancing exercises’, added Ms Bellido.


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