HeartUnions week: highlighting why CSP membership matters

HeartUnions week, from 12 to 18 February, has seen CSP stewards and members across England and Wales highlighting the positive action the society takes every day to support physiotherapy staff at work.


New health and safety reps take a break from their induction course at CSP headquarters on 15 February to celebrate HeartUnions

The CSP and other unions are the voice of almost six million people at work across the UK.

As part of this year’s HeartUnions week, physiotherapy staff at Peterborough City Hospital, Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Birmingham Women’s Hospital and Birmingham Children’s Hospital were among those spreading the word about the benefits of CSP membership.

Kevin Dale, CSP trade union organiser, said: ‘Sometimes the work that we and stewards do is in the background.

‘HeartUnions week is a way to highlight the importance of workplace representation for members in difficulty, perhaps when they are compelled to transfer to the private sector; or negotiating with employers about workplace policy and conditions.

‘It has also been a good week to show how CSP health and safety reps work to keep physiotherapy staff safe through regular inspections of their workplaces and raising concerns with managers.’

Mr Dale said that the next big event for CSP members would be the TUC rally in London on 12 May where the CSP will promoting its Fair Pay for Physio: Fund our NHS campaign.

Tweets about HeartUnions are on @The_TUC

The CSP this week launched the Building a better balance videoon CSP social media channels to promote its support for members for flexible working.

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