Data protection watchdog to host webinar for physiotherapists

The UK’s data protection watchdog is hosting a webinar to help physiotherapists, chiropodists and opticians, working in smaller health-related organisations, to protect their personal data.


General Data Protection Regulation, the new data protection law coming into force in May 2018, will strengthen the ICO’s powers to fine companies

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) webinar will be at 2pm on 23 August. It is aimed at physios and others who would like to learn about the basics of data protection and what this means under the current Data Protection Act and, from next year, the General Data Protection Regulation.

Stuart Palma, head of programme transition at the CSP, said: ‘Physiotherapists in major NHS organisations will benefit from central guidance and support about data protection.

‘But for those in small practices who don’t have that type of support, this webinar could be a useful guide to protecting personal information – stored electronically or on paper – and staying within the law.’

An ICO spokesperson said: ‘We regularly run webinars as part of our work to improve standards of information rights practice through clear, inspiring and targeted engagement.

‘And we talked to a range of sectors and identified that a webinar would be beneficial for small organisations in the healthcare sector.’

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