Physio elected to first band 5-only seat on NI board

A CSP member is to take up the first seat reserved for band 5 physios on the CSP Northern Ireland board.


Band 5 physio Stuart Kernaghan has been elected to CSP Northern Ireland board

Stuart Kernaghan, a band 5 physio who works for the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, won an election in which a number of candidates stood for the vacancy.

Northern Ireland board chair Catherine Burke said the board had traditionally reserved a seat that was open to ‘recently-qualified’ physios. After the seat recently became vacant, it was decided to advertise the seat to all band 5s.

She said: ‘We felt it was important that the Northern Ireland board represents a wide cross-section of the profession and were aware that without actively seeking a replacement board, membership may not reflect those who are at an early stage in their career.

‘The board realises that the input of someone like Stuart is not just about benefiting his peer group.’ Ms Burke said. ‘Those who have been qualified longer bring experience and knowledge in certain areas, but, equally, harnessing the viewpoint and energy of recently-qualified members can benefit all.’

The board will be arranging events later this year designed to engage more band 5 physios and newly-qualified members in its work.

‘Fantastic opportunity’

Mr Kernaghan said the opening was a ‘fantastic opportunity to represent my peers and those who are at an early stage in their career’.

He added: ‘It has always been important to the board that members of all stages are represented. It is, however, of particular importance that those who are the future of the profession are represented, equipped and have the opportunity to develop.

‘An objective for this this year is to help organise recently-qualified engagement events which encompass those three areas: represented, equipped and developed.’

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