CSP says European physiotherapists must be allowed to continue working in the UK after Brexit

The CSP says European physiotherapists must be allowed to continue working in the UK, and British physiotherapists in Europe, following the UK’s exit from the European Union.


Given the 'serious and immediate' shortage of physiotherapists in the UK, the Council of the CSP says colleagues from around the world are 'vital to meeting the needs of patients'. The CSP is therefore lobbying the immigration minister to give assurances that European physiotherapists and physiotherapy staff will continue to be able to work in the UK.

Rob Yeldham, the CSP Director of Strategy, Policy & Engagement, said: 'NHS and independent services are crying out for more physiotherapists. Many find it difficult to fill vacancies because not enough UK physiotherapists are being trained.

'The CSP is campaigning for 500 more graduates a year but that will take time to achieve. In the meantime, patients will face longer waits if we lose physios due to Brexit uncertainty.'

The Council also supports continued free movement of people between the Republic of Ireland, the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. It is particularly important for members in Northern Ireland to be able to live, work and treat patients across the UK/Irish border post Brexit.

The CSP is a member of the Cavendish Coalition, a group of 34 UK health and social care organisations, working to ensure the system is properly staffed after exit from Europe. The Coalition has written to the government calling for a post-exit immigration system, which would allow UK health and care providers to recruit from the EU where staffing needs cannot be met through domestic recruitment or training.

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