Welsh Government publishes new AHP framework

A framework designed to improve working practices, skills and outcomes for allied health professionals (AHPs) in Wales has been published by the Welsh government.


Vaughan Gething, Welsh cabinet secretary for health, launched the framework

Cabinet secretary for health, wellbeing and sport Vaughan Gething launched the document, titled Modernising AHP Careers in Wales, a Post-Registration Framework, on 3 October. It aims to link AHPs’ individual aspirations and development with organisational workforce plans.

The framework sets out how organisations can be encouraged to introduce career advancement pathways that offer genuine development opportunities for the workforce, while ensuring this development meets future service demands.

The document outlines requirements for a series of ‘career framework levels’, and identifies four ‘pillars of practice’ for AHPs: clinical practice; facilitation of learning; leadership; and evidence, research and development.

The Welsh therapies advisory committee will identify ways that the framework can be rolled out in health boards and embedded in practice, as well as becoming a key reference document for staff appraisal and continuing professional development.

Philippa Ford, CSP public affairs and policy manager for Wales, said: ‘This post-registration framework is an important development in bringing AHPs in line with other professions in Wales.

‘It provides clear guidance and will be an essential document for members in progressing their careers in Wales.’

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