CSP says make Paralympic athletes a priority, following budget cuts to Rio games

The CSP has expressed concern at ‘last minute’ changes to the venues, workforce and transport for athletes and their teams, at the Paralympics in Rio.


In an announcement on 15 August the International Paralympic Committee said that only 12 per cent of the available tickets had so far been sold for the Games, which are due to start on 7 September.

It said that, as a result, transport services would be scaled back and some sports would take place in smaller venues. The workforce for the Games would also be downsized and a number of venue media centres would be closed.

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: ‘As physios we know the tremendous effort put in by Paralympians and their support teams. Changes at this late date can be a significant challenge. It is vital the organising committee prioritise the needs of the athletes.

‘It is concerning that the cuts have come now after the Olympics. It hardly shows parity of esteem for the Paralympics.’

Commercial organisations and the Brazilian government have increased their sponsorship of the Games in response to the financial problems.

The British Paralympic Association is not directly affected, but is fundraising for Team GB

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are organised by the Rio Organising Committee, backed by the city government. Games funding includes ticket sales, commercial sponsorship and government grants.

Author: Robert Millett

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