Physio tech start up gets support from Scotland business incubator

A physio-related technology project is getting free support from MediCity Scotland, a life sciences incubator aimed at stimulating and supporting start-up companies.


Kirsten Lord: MediCity will help us get out into the marketplace effectively and smoothly.

The project, PhysioWizard, is an online self-assessment tool for people with back problems. It has been designed to assess and then triage people, matching them to recommended physio treatment.

PhysioWizard has been six years in development, after it was started in 2010 by Edinburgh-based physiotherapist Kirsten Lord. Its target customers are occupational health providers and health insurers.

‘The MediCity Develop programme gives us six months’ free tenancy at MediCity. We also get business coaching and access to a vast mentoring network, to help us to make the business commercially ready,’ she told Frontline.

According to MediCity, the Develop programme provides companies in medical technology and digital health and wellbeing, with intensive coaching.

Its managing director Toby Reid described Develop as a practical programme to help participants discover scalable business models. They can build a company with less money and in a shorter time than using traditional methods, he claimed.

‘Companies on the programme use an approach called customer discovery and customer development to test their ideas,’ he said.

‘Over the course of the 12-week programme they get out of the labs and aim to talk to 100 customers, partners, regulators and competitors, testing their ideas about clinical utility, product feature, pricing and distribution channels.’

Ms Lord, who is the managing director of the Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre, hopes that her project will benefit and be able to grow from the support on offer.



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