Physio 15: Global networking gives access to a wider range of clinical opinion, delegates hear

The earlier you build a network with the global physiotherapy community the better, sports physiotherapist Rhys Hughes told delegates at a session on international collaboration.


Rhys Hughes, co-chair of the WCPT Future group, works to unite student and early-career professionals across the world. Photo: Mark Pinder/Guzelian

Mr Hughes said networking globally widened access to a range of clinical opinion, increasing physios’ capacity to reason about the treatments offered to patients.

It also helps with continuing professional development and opens access to pathways for working abroad, or collaborating with people overseas.

Although taking elective placements abroad were one of the best ways to be involved internationally, physios did not have to travel to be connected internationally, according to Mr Hughes.

‘If you are on social media and you get involved with people from across the globe, you are involved with the worldwide physiotherapy community … and it all builds into your global network,’ he said.

Mr Hughes co-chairs the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) Future network, set up six months ago to unite students and early-career physios across the world.

He said the network was set up to replicate what national organisations, such as the CSP students’ body, do but on a global scale, pointing out that only half of WCPT member organisations had a dedicated student group.

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