Student Contribution Awards

Nominate your university’s physio society or an individual CSP student member for a 2020 Student Contribution Award


Nominations have now closed. The winners will be announced in mid-September.

The CSP Student Contribution awards recognise, reward and celebrate the hard work and dedication of CSP student members and physio societies

There are two categories: 

  • student society award 
  • individual student award

Nominations for the 2020 Student Contribution Awards opened in April and closed in August 2020. The award winners were announced mid-September. Nominations came from students, CSP members, university staff and CSP staff. 

Read about the winners and nominees below.

Society award winners and nominees

Eight nominations were received for five societies. The nominees were shortlisted by members of the CSP's Student Reference Group . To follow are summaries of the nominations from the SRG. 

WINNER: RGU Physiotherapy Society, Robert Gordon University

  • Over the year, the society has achieved success by providing short courses such as taping, massage, and pitch-side first aid, cupping, mental health, and various talks with guest speakers     
  • This society has not only done a phenomenal job of cultivating an integrative social atmosphere within their society but gone the extra mile in terms of events, social media presence and academic support for their members. It is evident that they did much planning this year and were successful in growing their society and increasing engagement.
  • The society has initiated various social events such as the trampoline meetup, pub quiz and a charity yoga class as well as CPD sessions for student across all years. 

Brunel Physio Society

  • The society has hosted many fun and valuable events to meet students’ needs and interests across all year groups. This included  volunteering at sports to running CPD events and short courses such on sports massage and K-Tape.   

Brighton Student Union Physiotherapy Society

  • The society’s achievements over the year included various talks by guest speakers in the profession and a trip to London where students engaged in anatomy. They also ran socials and sports events.  
  • The society's most notable achievements were their CPD activities which helped students to stay on top of their skills and interest during the COVID-19 lockdown this year.   

QMU Physio Society

  • Notwithstanding its inactive status for a number of years, the society has made great achievements through various CPD events and seminars to benefit of the physiotherapy students across all years.            

Coventry University Physiotherapy Society

  • The society has worked hard to provide as many social events for all students during the year, with invitations from speakers in the field to help students prepare for jobs after graduation.          

Individual student award nominees

13 nominations were received for nine students. The nominees were shortlisted by members of the CSP's Student Reference Group and will be announced shortly. To follow are summaries of the nominations from the SRG.

  • WINNER: Chloe Dooley (Cardiff University) has displayed great leadership as seen in her liaisons with different parties, from students to academic staff and beyond. She has provided her society with more structure and, in addition to all of these commitments, has given so much of her private time to volunteer for causes such as a children’s hospital. In addition, Chloe volunteered at Physiotherapy UK and promoted physiotherapy networks on social media. Her impact and passion for the profession can be seen in the respect and regard she holds from her peers and staff, as well as new initiatives like First Steps which she helped head up.
  • Alex Wharton (Manchester Metropolitan University) was actively involved in organising a physiotherapy conference at his university and ran various CPD and campaign activities to support students during the pandemic period.
  • Anna Dryden (Robert Gordon University) has developed an online profile for her physiotherapy society, planned CSP social media takeovers, and created synergy to foster an active society that provides social and academic events in which all students can get involved. 
  • David Cabrini-Back (Bournemouth University) has supported his society by leading a student conference with over 80 attendees and organised various CPD sessions for the students.
  • Ellen Riches (University of Brighton) has led her university’s society. Her achievements include improved student engagement at social events and with CPD sessions. She has also utilised popular social medial platforms to promote short courses (such as taping). Over the year, Ellen has organised events including a charity walk, a trip to London Bodyworlds and online courses using conference software to help students to keep on track with their knowledge seeking. 
  • Iwan Davies (Wrexham Glyndŵr University) has promoted physiotherapy through social media platforms and represented his cohort by sharing their concerns in order to improve Glyndŵr’s first BSc course.
  • James Armstrong (University of Plymouth) has promoted physiotherapy and engagement through multimedia platforms such as YouTube, with videos on clinical placements, amongst others. He also contributed to his university and organised CPD events for students across all years. In addition, James has showed commitment to his local CSP Regional Network Team, supported Physio UK and promoted the profession through the use of social media platforms in order to spread knowledge. This has had a positive influence on many.
  • Millie Berrett (Keele University) led her university’s society by initiating and organizing various sessions and fundraising activities. Her major achievements include voicing concerns from students as a cohort to the programme leader, organising a taping course and mini conferences, and various campaigns. She has also promoted physiotherapy both socially and academically through social media platforms.
  • Nadia Mathers (Robert Gordon University) led on organising the society’s four events over the past year, which attracted various health professionals. She also engaged in many discussions with different bodies to reflect students’ enquiries with respect to the course or physiotherapy in general.

The prizes

  • The winner of the Individual Award will receive two delegate passes to this year’s virtual Physiotherapy UK conference on 13-14 November 2020 - so the winner can bring a friend to join them in the virtual conference world! (A cash prize will be awarded if the winner cannot attend the conference.)
  • The winning society will receive two delegate passes to the virtual Physiotherapy UK plus £50 for their society. (A cash prize will be awarded if society members cannot attend the conference.)

Criteria and nomination forms

Individual student award

Do you know a CSP student member  in your cohort who has gone above and beyond to support fellow students over the past academic year? If yes, nominate them for an award!

Criteria for the award:

  • Someone who has involved others
  • Someone who has promoted the physiotherapy profession
  • Someone who has contributed positively to university life
  • Nominees must be a CSP student or student associate member 
  • Who can nominate?

  • Students (both CSP members and non-members)
    • Students can also self-nominate
  • All other CSP members
  • University staff
  • CSP staff

Update: nominations have closed for 2020.


Student society award

Has your student-led physio society gone above and beyond to support students and apprentices over the academic year? If yes, submit a nomination

Criteria for the award:

  • Societies that have positively contributed to university life
  • Societies that have actively engaged with the physiotherapy profession
  • Societies that have demonstrated good leadership and organisation
  • Who can nominate?

  • Students (both CSP members and non-members)  can nominate their university's own society or another university’s society
  • All other CSP members
  • University staff
  • CSP staff

Update: nominations have closed for 2020.



    Please note: To qualify, nominees must be CSP members and studying a pre-registration degree (or  have graduated from a pre-reg degree within the past 9 months). The prizes do not cover travel expenses.

    The 2019 Winners

    2019 was the first year of the contribution awards and was a huge success. The winners were announced at Physiotherapy UK in November by the CSP's CEO Karen Middleton, Council Member Rachael Moses and the Student Reference Group (SRG). 

    From the winners:

    • The Society winner @uea_physiosoc at the University of East Anglia :
      "Thank you so much for this award, we are so proud of all the hard work our members put into each event and our student volunteers who make them so worth while! #physiolove"

    • The individual student winner @thatJessPowers from Glasgow Caledonian University: 
      "Thank you @thecspstudents I had an amazing experience serving on the 18/19 SRG, chairing the @spsconf and working with @GCUPhysioSoc on CPD events. Huge learning and growing experiences. It helps when you get to work with awesome humans like I did!  #teamworkmakesthedreamwork"

    For an idea of some of the highly-rated 2019 nominees , see the poster below.

    We look forward to all your nominations!

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