Physiotherapy 100 years on: how events in 2020 are shaping physio in London

The CSP London Regional Network announced a series of virtual events and meetings with a focus on the London-wide impact of the pandemic on the physiotherapy profession in 2020. The series is currently on hold due to service pressures. Updates will be shared on this page as soon as possible.


The first virtual event took place on the evening of Monday 28 September via Zoom and featured Steve Tolan, Allied Health Professions Lead, NHS England & NHS Improvement for the London Region as keynote speaker. Steve gave an update on key issues and opportunities for the evolving physiotherapy landscape in London in response to the pandemic. A recording and Steve's slides are available below.

The second webinar addressed the challenges of practice based learning during Covid-19 and  showcased innovative approaches to harnessing learning opportunities. A recording and slides are available below.

Selena Ng, CSP London Chair, said: The Health and Care environment is constantly changing as we look at ways to deliver better services to our population. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for faster and even more change. This has had dramatic impact for all members in the services and sectors we move through. The CSP London Regional Network would like to explore and understand what this means for members and the profession in London; how we have had to adapt, develop and grow in response, and what this means for the future.

It’s our aim that these events will help raise awareness of the changing health and social care environment in London while providing a place for members to come together for peer support, discussion and conversation in a safe space.

Tickets for these events are free for all CSP members however will need to be booked in advance to support planning to maximise networking opportunities and resource sharing.

We welcome input from all CSP members including students, support workers, retired, private and NHS staff and encourage everyone to join in.



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