What is the Support Worker Reference Group?

Discover how the SWRG represents you and your peers within the CSP 

What is the Support Worker Reference Group (SWRG)?

The SWRG is made up of a diverse group of associate members who are all support workers, including those that work in therapy/rehab roles too.

 SWRG members work predominantly in an advisory role, on a voluntary basis, with the CSP professional adviser for support worker development. They contribute to the development and review of CSP approaches, activities and resources that enable the CSP to promote, support and develop the physiotherapy support worker workforce. 

Why have the CSP developed the SWRG?

Support workers’ roles are central to the delivery of high-quality physiotherapy services. Their contribution to the profession is likely to increase as the entire workforce continues to grow and develop.

It is critical to the CSP, as the voice of the profession, that support workers’ experiences and views are represented in our work. Without support workers' input we can’t be sure that our resources, activities and influencing on support workers’ behalf is right.  

The CSP recognises that in order to do this well it needs regular and sustainable support, guidance and advice from support worker members ‘on the ground’. The SWRG provides this by keeping in regular contact with the CSP. There are four times throughout the year the group meets with the CSP. The SWRG members are committed to a two year fixed partnership with the CSP. 

What’s involved?

The reference group meets 4 times a year:

  • A virtual meeting in Feb/March
  • A face to face meeting at the Annual Representatives Conference (ARC) in June
  • A virtual meeting in September
  • A face to face meeting at the Physiotherapy UK Conference (PUK) in October/November
  • Other input is maintained by email contact between meetings as required
  • All expenses are paid
  • The time commitment is 4 full days per year and approximately an additional 4 hours per month for other communications
  • Membership is for a 2 year term
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