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Fidelma Moran encourages others to take on the mantle as a CSP Council member

Dr Fidelma Moran
Dr Fidelma Moran, MSc professional development in physiotherapy, Ulster University, NI

In this month’s Frontline, you will read much about the CSP Council elections. As a CSP member, it is crucial that you are proactive and engage with this process, either by standing to join or by using your vote. 

I was privileged to be elected to the CSP Council in April 2018. This is a leadership role whereby the 12 elected members are responsible for ensuring the CSP continues to lead the profession from an educational, clinical and research perspective, ultimately benefitting patient outcomes in a continually changing environment. CEO Karen Middleton highlights some of council’s priorities.

New council members are supported through a comprehensive induction programme. You will have the opportunity to contribute to discussions, which are driven by the CSP Corporate Strategy, in a meaningful way. You will be presented with evidence, listen to and challenge other’s views, and consider any unintended consequences, before making informed decisions on behalf of the membership.

Of course, there is an associated time commitment. As well as taking part in council meetings, you have the opportunity to participate in PUK annual conference and ARC. You may engage in country board, regional or professional network meetings.

There are also various opportunities to influence others at external events. While many members have felt particularly stretched during the pandemic, it is a vital time to play a role in shaping the profession as it adapts to deal with the legacy of Covid-19. 

As I step down and reflect on my experience on council, I have enjoyed working collegiately, with the opportunity to influence and network with colleagues throughout the UK and with other professions. I have been able to promote physiotherapy and support the governance process, so CSP activity is transparent and held to account. 

The voting process is broken down on page 10 and the CSP’s head of governance speaks about why we need diversity on council.

If you are elected, you will be part of a diverse, dynamic and enthusiastic leadership team delivering real value. I would encourage colleagues to be nominees or to vote to make your voice heard. We all need to ensure council develops our profession to support the evolving healthcare landscape. 

Dr Fidelma Moran, lecturer and course director for MSc professional development in physiotherapy, Ulster University, Northern Ireland

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