World stage

It’s not often physios from around the world get a chance to meet and exchange the latest thinking on research.

But the World Confederation for Physical Therapy congress in Amsterdam provided just that opportunity.

With more than 5,000 delegates present, 370 of them from the UK, it was quite a gathering. Our coverage gives you a flavour of the debates that took place there. What it can’t do is to let you eavesdrop on the conversations that went on over coffee or a glass of wine, the business cards exchanged and the sense that physiotherapy is now firmly established on the world clinical stage.

As Christopher Powers, from the University of Southern California, pointed out, the amount of physiotherapy research currently undertaken has increased beyond recognition in the last decade. Evidence-based practice is now the norm, rather than just continuing with a particular intervention because you have always done so.

For many of you, the idea of carrying out research is the last thing on your mind. You’re worrying about how secure your job is, what will be happening to your pension fund and whether you’ll be working into your old age.

But research can provide crucial evidence in fighting local battles about why a service is essential. The society’s Physiotherapy Works leaflets do just that. If you’ve not seen them yet, go to to check them out.

They’re just one example of how CSP helps its members. The feature about senior negotiating officer Karen O’Dowd’s work offers another glimpse into the various services the society offers.

Last but not least, one major service to members is Frontline magazine. We know you all enjoy Frontline, because you tell us so. But when others say it is ‘an excellent magazine, written in an engaging style’, we’re delighted!

Lynn Eaton Managing editor, Frontline

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