Warning on injection training

Private practice physiotherapists considering taking a course in injection therapy are being urged to contact the CSP first to make sure they will be able to use the skills they acquire.

There are several legal mechanisms by which a physio may supply and administer the medicines needed for injection therapy, and they are all legally valid within the NHS. However, the patient group direction mechanism is not valid for many private practice physios, particularly if they work in ‘high street’ physiotherapy settings. Some private practice physios have signed up to injection therapy courses not knowing they will not be able to use PGDs in their private clinics. CSP medicines and prescribing officer Pip White said that while the clinical training on courses was fine, the depth of knowledge students receive in the very complex area of medicines law outside the NHS was not always sufficient. A number of private practice physios have told the CSP that they were not warned before or during their course that they would not be able to use PGDs in ‘high street’ private practice. Pip White said: The message is that if you are a private practice physio and you are thinking of taking an injection therapy course, contact the CSP first’.

Further information 

Get advice at paservice@csp.org.uk  
Graham Clews

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