TUC endorses safety ‘passports’

The TUC Congress has backed a CSP call for a ‘passport scheme’ to protect NHS staff from violence and aggression.

The Welsh Assembly has already indicated support for such a scheme that would register the accredited training in conflict management that staff receive. Alex Mackenzie, (pictured right) chair of the CSP’s industrial relations committee, praised the initiative when she addressed the TUC annual congress in Brighton last month. She said it was part of a ‘properly organised’ response to health and safety in Wales that ‘contrasts sharply’ with England and Scotland. Ms Mackenzie said although ministers in England had announced £97million for hospital security, there was a ‘lack of transparency’ over how this would be spent.She said 30,000 safety alarms were being purchased but there were 240,000 lone NHS workers. She told delegates: ‘There are serious questions about the allocation of these devices.’ Congress backed the CSP’s call for the £97million to be ring-fenced for staff protection.  

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