Travel fellowships up for grabs

Physiotherapists who believe an overseas experience would enhance their effectiveness in their field this year have a crop of fellowships to apply for under the auspices of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

The WCMT travelling fellowships scheme is open to anyone who has an individual project they would like to undertake overseas that would benefit themselves, their profession/communities and the UK as a whole. Each year new application categories are selected. Liz Carrington, CSP international development adviser, thinks the 2010 programme could be particularly attractive to physiotherapists. ‘This is a particularly exciting year for our profession,’ says Ms Carrington, herself a former WCMT fellow. She said one of the most promising categories in this year’s line-up was ‘treatment and rehabilitation of chronic conditions’. Other possibilities are ‘adventure, exploration and leaders of expeditions,’ which could appeal to the many sporting and intrepid CSP members. ‘Business and finance’ may be relevant to physios involved in private practice, while ‘education and vocational training’ could be useful for educators. ‘Support for children’ covers early intervention. Successful applicants receive a grant for travel expenses of up to £5,500 to cover projects lasting from four to eight weeks. The deadline for applications is 6 October 2009.  Further information:  Email: , tel: 020 7584 9315
Louise Hunt

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