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Mature student Emilia Langley-Bunce shares how her aspirations have survived during ‘Covid chaos’

Emilia Langley-Bruce a neuro hydro and MSK therapy support worker at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

As a mature student navigating the huge amount of uncertainty that has descended on to our lives, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has been my saviour.

I have spent two years working towards this degree. Confirming where my passions lie, I worked as a therapy support worker and completed an access course.

I was driven, excited and full of plans when suddenly everyone was thrown into ‘Covid-chaos’. All work and contact with physios evaporated and I was in a lonely haze of wondering how to spend summer productively or even whether my course would (or could!) go ahead.

I started to feel uncertain about physiotherapy’s place in a socially distanced future.

I couldn’t bear the thought of a virtual-only course, let alone clinic work. Although online interactions are useful, I have cherished human contact.

My only consistent link to physiotherapy has been the CSP website and Frontline. Every single page has provided priceless insights. I like reading the physical magazine in the garden and making notes on tips to research.

Once CSP webinars commenced, a warm glowing lifeboat emerged from the mist. Engaging with physios while they problem-solved and transformed new challenges into opportunities has been so reassuring.

Regional webinars have helped me understand how inter-professional teams have tirelessly adapted to working with Covid patients. Their dedication has been inspiring.

Wary of social media content bombardment, I judiciously spend my time looking at my CSP region’s shared links. An incredibly motivating resource has been ‘James Armstrong Physio’ (YouTube), an enthusiastic physio graduate who interviews physios. Twitter @PhysioArmstrong

So, if you are feeling a little deflated, know you are not alone. Please reach out to your university and the CSP, they are there to support us. 

  • Emilia Langley-Bunce is a neuro hydro and MSK therapy support worker at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

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