Test your public health skills

New resources to help members recognise and build on their public health skills are now available from the CSP.

The resources should help members to ‘sell’ physiotherapy’s role in tackling public health issues to commissioners and planners. They include a quiz to help members assess their own public health knowledge and skills in a fun way. How Public Healthy Are You? is included with this issue of Frontline.

Other resources:

  • a briefing paper that explains each of the Public Health Skills and Career Framework competences, with examples of what physiotherapy practice might look like in each area. The briefing also explains how the framework can benefit clinicians, managers/service providers and educators
  • physiotherapy public health case studies that illustrate how the authors identified a public health problem and went about designing/developing/re-designing their service to address the identified need, and
  • a Powerpoint presentation to help deliver a public health awareness raising workshop in the workplace.
The resources are based on direct feedback from 120 members who attended one of four public health workshops earlier this year (one in each UK country). The workshops focused on how competences from the Public Health Skills and Career Framework could be used to describe physiotherapy activity in the prevention of disease and promotion of health and well-being. Go to the CSP website www.csp.org.uk/publichealth to find all the resources, including the quiz.

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