Team physios offer GB Paralympians a ho me advantage

More than 30 physiotherapists were supporting the Paralympics GB team during the 2012 Paralympics, which got underway on 29 August.

Rosie Mew, lead physio for Paralympics GB (pictured left), is overseeing a team of four core physiotherapists based at the Olympic Park medical headquarters, as well as the provision of physiotherapy support for all the teams and athletes.

Every GB sport has an accredited physio and there are many non-accredited physios offering support and attending with day passes.

‘As a result the 2012 Paralympics has more physiotherapists in attendance than at any games before,’ said Ms Mew.

‘There is a real mixed bag of physios, some are very experienced and others have never been to a major games before, so it is brilliant having all of them working alongside each other.’

And she said the GB Paralympians had physiotherapy-led factors on their side.

‘The biggest thing that we’ve got going for ourselves is the medical suite, which is absolutely huge and is an amazing facility.

‘The other thing that could be considered a home advantage is that all of our teams have brought their own physios, so there is less call for the core physios at HQ.’

Robert Millett

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