Student successes

Join us in celebrating these student members’ success stories

Join us in celebrating these student members’ success stories

It’s been a challenging year for students but we have seen so many examples of perseverance and achievement in the face of adversity. 

My final year was massively challenging. Covid restrictions meant we had to make up for lost placement hours, adapt to remote learning and modified projects. With the closure of gyms and other facilities, it felt overwhelming and took a toll on my mental wellbeing.

To combat this, I made sure I organised my time well, had regular downtime and looked after my health. I also reminded myself of my goals and ambitions for my career to reignite that desire to succeed and never give up. Ultimately I knew that one day I would be standing in front of this poster which represents years of hard work and dedication. Now I can look back and feel proud of myself for sticking through it. I am proud to call myself a physiotherapist. Josiah Sinclair University of Leicester, BSc graduate

I managed to complete my physiotherapy MSc. All placements done and dusted. Not bad for a dyslexic lass who got told off for asking too many questions during lessons at school.

I am very excited and thankful to be at the beginning of a career where being inquisitive is supported! Colette Walton London Southbank, MSc student

My laptop represents the past year. Without a doubt, it has been challenging and, at times, I found myself with zero motivation.

Through the support of my dissertation supervisor, I created weekly schedules to manage my time and began to feel more in control and motivated. And it paid off! I disseminated my research in the CSP Research Spotlight event, won first place, and had my abstract approved for vPUK 21. For the first time, I was able to indulge myself in a task and feel rewarded. This past year has taught me to embrace every opportunity that comes my way. We all have a chance to succeed, even in the darkest times! Tina Haghighi, University of Brighton, MSc graduate

I am a qualified sports therapist and have always suffered from low confidence and “imposter syndrome.

There was an opportunity to work with England’s first ever Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL) team. I almost missed the application deadline because I didn’t believe in myself enough to think I would have a chance. 

I am so proud that I overcame my doubts and went for it. Now I am England sports therapist for the first ever PDRL World Cup 2021! Rebecca Adam University of Salford, BSc student

My smile represents the bitter sweet feeling of moving from student to qualified physio.

Shani Hector
Shani Hector, University of Leicester, BSc graduate

This past year has been emotionally and physically challenging, and at times it felt as though time was moving backwards.

The pandemic has played a huge role in the growth of our professional personas. 

Within my dissertation project and poster I explored the effect of the pandemic on physios that resonates throughout the industry, especially personally, as a student.  Shani Hector, University of Leicester, BSc graduate

In January on my MSK outpatient placement (and at the height of the pandemic), the department was redeployed while I and other students remained.

I previously struggled with the MSK content on my course, so I was very apprehensive of this placement. But thanks to my interest in women’s and pelvic health, I was able to see all the pregnant ladies presenting with pelvic girdle pain and other related complaints. I made the most out of what was a tricky experience and managed to improve my knowledge in a specialist area I hope to one day work in. Laura Bunce, University of Southampton, MSc student

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