‘Spread the word about benefits of exercise in palliative care’, physio staff urged

Physiotherapy staff in palliative care should educate patients and other professionals about their role.

That was the message delivered by Ruth McGuinness, a specialist palliative care physiotherapist who is based at Meadow House Hospice, Ealing Hospital NHS Trust.

She told the Chartered Physiotherapists in Mental Healthcare’s national study day that there was still some stigma attached to physios working in palliative care.

‘People ask “what can you do?”, she told the study day on 28 June.

‘But it is not just about restoration of function, but about quality of life’.

Ms McGuinness said there was a growing evidence base for the use of exercise in palliative care, and she said palliative care teams work on a genuinely interdisciplinary team basis.

‘I’ve never enjoyed working as much as I have in palliative care,’ she said. ‘You really do put the patient at the centre of care and work holistically.’

Graham Clews

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