Society says Transforming Your Care must go further

The CSP has recommended several changes to a flagship policy in Northern Ireland that would see more patients being treated by community services.

The society submitted its response to the Northern Ireland Executive’s consultation on the Transforming Your Care review of health and social care provision last month.

It gave its feedback following discussions with fellow members of the Allied Health Professions Federation in Northern Ireland.

Central to the Transforming Your Care review is a proposal that care should be provided as close to home as possible, with a shift in resources from hospital to community.

But the CSP suggests the changes need to go further than those outlined in the proposals.

Tom Sullivan, policy officer for Northern Ireland, said: ‘If we maintain the delivery level as it is, such as using GPs as first point of call, then we won’t change anything.

So a key recommendation in our response is that self-referral needs to be introduced in Northern Ireland as it has been elsewhere in the UK.

‘We are also advocating the introduction of independent prescribing as a means of transforming future care, which will be especially helpful for treating those with long-term conditions.’

The CSP also raised concerns over the proposal to create integrated care partnerships – a network of groups that would join up GPs and community health and social care providers with the independent and voluntary sector.

‘We have stressed that the details on the composition, governance and operation of these groups need clarifying,’ Mr Sullivan said.

The consultation has elicited around 2,000 responses.

Feedback is expected later this month.

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