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Ann Green was one of a select Band of physios to receive a csp fellowship last year. Robert Millett tracks her career.

Ann Green received her CSP fellowship for her contribution to  the development of physiotherapy education, her support for the research endeavours of others and her strong leadership of the profession.

Originally from Manchester, the former CSP Council chair lives in Staffordshire. She is acting head of department, health and life sciences, at Coventry University, and chairs the Allied Health Professions Federation.

Ms Green recalls that as a youngster she had no clear career goal and says her entry into physiotherapy was a ‘pure fluke’.

‘My father had physiotherapy after having knee surgery and I thought “maybe I can do that”.

‘I wasn’t one of those people who knew what they’d be doing in 10 years and I’m still not. Fortunately physiotherapy turned out to be exactly what I wanted to do.’

For someone lacking a career plan, Ms Green is a high achiever. Her five-page CV lists numerous keynote lectures and peer-reviewed papers, as well as conference presentations and other noteworthy milestones.

After qualifying in 1979 from Salford school of physiotherapy she worked in Shropshire. Four years later, she decided to train as a student teacher.

Armed with a further education certificate she taught at Oswestry and North Staffordshire School of Physiotherapy. ‘The course helped me become a teacher of physiotherapy rather than a physiotherapist who teaches.

‘I learnt how to start things with an impact, the best way to summarise at the end of argument and how to check that your audience really understands. And those are skills I still use.’

Her employers supported her to take an MSc in physical habilitation at the University of Liverpool. Her career in academia and research took off when she became an associate senior lecturer at Coventry University in 1991.

‘I had a lot of peer support, so I developed a bit of know-how and gained some confidence,’ says Ms Green.

Her first publication, in 1997, was in Physiotherapy. A collaborative effort with one of her students, it explored physios’ attitudes to patients with AIDS.

Getting published for the first time was a career highlight. Ms Green moved up the ladder at Coventry University, developing courses that catered for specialised fields of physiotherapy, such as acupuncture, injection therapy, ultrasound imaging and neurological physiotherapy, and the first MSc course in manipulative therapy.

‘I thought it was essential that these programmes were delivered within a framework of physiotherapy, clinical reasoning and evidence – and in a way that would enable people to change practice.’

Ms Green is typically self-effacing about her achievements at the CSP, including chairing the education committee and then Council, from2009 to 2011.

‘I never thought Council was for me – I thought it was for other people. But if you stand outside and say “That’s not for me” then you can’t change anything. So I stood for Council, got elected and I absolutely loved it.’

Ms Green doesn’t miss clinical work.

‘When you’re involved in the clinical aspect of physiotherapy, you’re making a difference to patients and that’s what motivates you.

‘When you’re teaching you’re making a difference to student education.  

‘But in a managerial role you’re enabling other people to do their jobs more effectively and make a difference – and that’s how you gain your satisfaction.’ fl

Curriculum  vitae

  • Name: Ann Green
  • 1979-83: Physiotherapist, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital
  • 1983-87: Teacher, Oswestry and North Staffordshire
  • 1999: Senior lecturer,Coventry University
  • 2009-11: CSP chair of Council
  • Current post: Acting head of department, health and life sciences, Coventry University
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