Professional scope of practice and insurance

‘Can I support a local flu vaccination programme for patients and staff? Am I insured?’

Claire Fordham a CSP professional adviser

You can support these programmes. However, you need to be clear on some specific issues before agreeing.

Professional scope of practice and insurance

Administering vaccines is in the scope of physiotherapy practice. However this is in the broader context of physiotherapy in occupational health settings. If you are administering vaccines in this context you are covered by the CSP PLI scheme (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy).

In situations where you have been asked to administer vaccines to support a public health/staff health initiative you would not be undertaking this as a physiotherapy activity but rather as a capable individual who is well placed to contribute to a local programme. You can do this but you must be clear that it is not in the context of physiotherapy practice. In this situation you would not be covered by your CSP PLI.

If you are employed however (in the NHS or other organisation) your employer’s liability insurance will cover you to undertake this activity as an addition to your usual practice. To be clear of this accountability you should have some documentation that evidences your employer’s support and direction for you to participate in the vaccination programme.

If you work in private practice and are self-employed you would need to seek additional insurance to contribute as a vaccinator to a public/staff health inoculation programme. Please contact our broker Graybrook to discuss your requirements.

Personal scope

As an HCPC registrant you should limit your practice to areas in which you are trained, educated and competent.

In any of the above situations therefore you must ensure that you have developed the appropriate competencies to undertake vaccinations.

If you are employed and your organisation is asking you to participate in this activity, they are responsible for providing you with the necessary training and they are responsible for continuing to support you to maintain competence. 

Details of the CSP PLI scheme and contact details for our broker Graybrook can be found on our website. 

  • Claire Fordham is a CSP professional adviser

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