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ClinicServer’s adviser Kelly Lawson discusses what a forward-thinking physio clinic will need in the future

The way we do business has changed more significantly in the last ten years than any other decade in history. Technology has knocked down barriers, making such things as time and distance become issues of the past.

As a result, client expectations are ever increasing. Not only do consumers expect more from the clinics they interact with, through new information and social platforms, clients now have endless technological resources to help them with their purchasing decisions.

There are clinics who understand this shift and are changing the way they operate to adapt to these new demands in customer service. With these increasing expectations in our competitive marketplace, it begs the question 'is my clinic keeping up with today's customer?'.

Below are suggestions to help your clinic live up to your client's expectations and invest in their loyalty.

1 - Be online

Start with a website that allows visitors to inform themselves of your clinic hours, location, services and updates. Your clinic needs to be easy to find online, providing your clients and prospective clients with the information they need without having to call your clinic.

Stay current with an informative blog and newsletter. Take the time to familiarise staff with social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook. These build an online community around your brand with your friends, clients and staff.

2 - Get in 'The Cloud'

A cloud-based system stores your data remotely and protects your client data in the event of a fire, flood, computer crash or theft. It also allows you to access your system from anytime or any place, which is ideal for responding to impromptu appointment requests. The right system can allow you to simplify workflow, by allowing staff to use booking resources, changing the client's status and allowing immediate updates. Additionally, data can be accessed from any mobile device. Simplifying administrative tasks saves valuable time that can be better spent between staff and clients.

3 -  Automate reminders

Clients with busy schedules can appreciate appointment reminders especially when they're non-intrusive to their daily routine. Give them the option to receive an email or text/SMS confirmation. You will immediately notice a decrease in your clinic's 'did not attends', and have the ability to fill in any potential gaps in your diary.

4 - Enable client self-booking

Sounds scary doesn't it? It's really not as scary as it sounds. Making your clinic accessible 24/7 through self-booking means clients book with you in their own time. This means you still maintain full control over specific times, appointment types and which clients will have access to this feature. When you see past the fears of client self-booking, it is a beautiful win-win service.

5 - Flexible payment options

Put very simply, in any business it should be ridiculously easy for customers to give you money. Accept as many forms of payment as you can: online, PayPal, e-transfer, credit, debit, cash and cheque.

You care about your client's physical and functional needs as you focus on bringing them closer to whole living. Make them the focus of how you deliver a positive clinical experience in every way. Show that your clinic is keeping up by putting their needs at the top of your priority list. Be the best clinic you can be: stay current with best practices in treatment, and set new standards for customer service. With this, you will exceed your clients' expectations, they will contribute positively to your online community and influence future clients.

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Kelly Lawson, Occupational Therapist and Director of Community at ClinicServer

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