Physios given guide on counting their costs

A step-by-step guide showing senior physiotherapists and physiotherapy managers how to calculate the cost of their service, team or department is now available from the CSP.

Establishing the Cost of a Service will allow managers to negotiate on behalf of their service from a stronger knowledge base.

The guidance is designed for use in the new commissioning environment, which demands that healthcare providers have an increasingly detailed knowledge of the cost of delivering a service.

It covers data collection, who to work with during the costing process and a detailed methodology for calculating the cost of the service.

A time and motion study will be needed to gauge staff activity, and CSP professional adviser Sara Bolton said it was important to stress to staff that this analysis was being carried out to collect robust data, and not as a performance management tool.

The methodological approach used in Establishing the Cost of a Service means the guide should be accurate but simple to use.

It has also been designed to be applicable to all physiotherapy services.

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