Physio service cuts public sector workers’ sick leave by 8%

Enterprisiing CSP members at Combined Therapy Centres Healthcare are among the 700 in the UK who have signed up to run 300 events for W@WD on 12 June.

The team of physios has helped reduced sick leave dramatically at one of England’s biggest local authorities.

Absences at Staffordshire County Council, which employs 30,000 staff, have been cut by eight per cent and have reached an all-time low.

A health and wellbeing service was piloted last year and led to 9,000 fewer sick days being taken. It has been calculated that productivity rose by £540,000.

The physio input was provided by Crewe-based Combined Therapy Centres (CTC) Healthcare. Its contract – worth around £70,000 a year – has been extended.

CTC Healthcare clinical director Andy Leach said: ‘Due to the phenomenal success of the service we have now secured funding for two years.’

CTC Healthcare offers council workers a telephone triage system and, when necessary, also provides staff with hands-on treatments and a functional restoration programme.

‘The council has so far reported a 400 per cent return on their investment,’ Mr Leach told Frontline.

 CTC Healthcare’s health and wellbeing service at Staffordshire council reflects well with the CSP’s aims in holding its third annual Workout at Work Day (W@WD). It is one of many planned events for the day, due to be reported in the next issue of Frontline.

CTC Healthcare managing director Rick Carter said that W@WD ‘provides great links with the community’.

 The company plans to visit local businesses, local authority workplaces and Bentley Motors to stage health promotion events.

‘Times are changing for physiotherapy and there is no longer any merit in sitting in your office and waiting for people to come and see you,’ said Mr Carter.

‘The future of physiotherapy lies in getting in to business and out into the community.’

Robert Millett

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