NHS England urges physios to share innovative ideas

Physiotherapists must share their ideas if they are to help improve outcomes for patients in the restructured NHS, according to the deputy chief allied health professions (AHP) officer at NHS England.

Speaking at an English regional networks development event, Shelagh Morris said physiotherapists and other AHPs have played a key role in developing seven-day services across the NHS.

They have also been at the forefront of using new technologies, such as telehealth and telecare, to improve outcomes and put patients in control of their care.

A 2011 NHS report on service innovation had urged practitioners to establish a baseline of the current situation and set out the issues that needed tackling, Ms Morris said.

It was also important to look at how innovation can make improvements and to measure any changes to demonstrate that a service really has improved.

A further principle, according to Ms Morris, is how physios and other healthcare professionals communicate improvements internally and externally.

‘We are very good at the invention, but not always at adoption and we don’t always disseminate those improvements.

‘So how can we improve on that? Within AHP services, we have a lot of examples of where services could be improved by innovating.

We have self-referral, for example, but it’s not being adopted everywhere that it potentially could be.’

Gill Hitchcock

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